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Anodising offers attractive possiblilties for optical designs providing at the same time excellent corrision resistance. Layers which are normally used are 10 to 25 µm thick. Basically all common aluminium alloys can be anodised.

But if high optical demands have to be met the use of alloys specially suitable for anodising is to be recommended. Alloys containing copper may show a yellow shade of color, components containing high silicon a grey tone. This has to be considered when choosing the material.

Max. dimension of component: 3200 x 1750 x 500 mm

Colours: black blue red gold violet green (red, violet and green only for small components)

Coating of

  • Precision components
  • Metal optics
  • Infrared optics
  • Militärindustrie
  • Pressfitting tools

Coating properties

  • High percentage of phosphourus in the coating, approx. 10-12 %
  • X-ray amorphous
  • Even coating
  • High thickness up to 500 µm with a tolerance +/- 2 µm (higher thickness possible)
  • a excellent homogeneity
  • Vickers proof approx. 550 – 580 HV
  • Abrasion proof surface
  • Maximum compression strength
  • No porosity (even in high thickness)
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