Our competence, experience and know-how make us an expert in electroless nickel coating.

These properties are the condition for the production of high quality surfaces with roughness values in the nanometre range using high precision machines with diamond tools.

Max. dimension of component:

Coating of

  • Precision components
  • Metal optics
  • Infrared optics
  • Militärindustrie
  • Pressfitting tools

Coating properties

  • High percentage of phosphourus in the coating, approx. 10-12 %
  • X-ray amorphous
  • Even coating
  • High thickness up to 500 µm with a tolerance +/- 2 µm (higher thickness possible)
  • a excellent homogeneity
  • Vickers proof approx. 550 – 580 HV
  • Abrasion proof surface
  • Maximum compression strength
  • No porosity (even in high thickness)
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